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Q. Is Contractor Butler service really free, or is there a catch.
A. Yes it really is free and without gimmicks.  You will need to pay contractors who do work for you however.

Q. Who is actually doing the work?
A. It depends.  Contractor Butler employs General Contractors and Technicians who service you with certain types of home improvement needs.  Other times we will refer one of our verified trusted member contractors to handle your request.  Either way you get a licensed (if require by the State) and insured professional contractor that is going to give you quality service and a no hassle no worry experience.

Q. Who do I pay?
A. You will always pay Contractor Butler or the Contractor who completes the work.home improvement guaranteed

Q. What if things go bad with the contractor?
A. Call us and we will help to resolve any problems.  If needed we will send our General Contractor or Technician out to review the problem and assist personally.

Q. Can Contractor Butler help me with my other properties or commercial property?
A. We focus on home improvement and repairs, but we also serve many home owners who have multiple properties, or own commercial properties.

Q. My company needs maintenance and repairs on our facilities, can we use Contractor Butler?
A. Yes. We can provide most any service or contractor for your facility requirements.

Q. Can get small jobs done?
A. Yes.  Small home improvement and repair jobs of almost any type can be done for you. Generally, you should think about getting enough work together to keep the contractor busy for at least 4+ hours. Get your list together!

Q. Can I get major projects done?
A. Yes.  We have helped many clients with major projects such as renovations, remodels, big landscape projects, and additions.

Q. Can I get multiple bids for jobs?
A. Yes and Maybe.  Larger jobs are easier to get multiple contractors to give you a quote.   The smaller the job the less likely you will get multiple contractors to do so.  Once a contractor realizes you want multiple quotes, they often opt out of responding to your request.

Q. I want to purchase a foreclosed property, can I use Contractor Butler to handle any work?
A. Yes, Contractor Butler has specialist who work extensively with foreclosed properties. We can help you get things done; everything from inspection to estimates to contractors.

Q. Will I pay more for work done through Contractor Butler?
A. No.  All work is completed by professional licensed and insured contractors, and also includes required workers compensation.  Their rates are completed at competitive industry rates for similar quality and scope of work.

Q. What other things can Contractor Butler offer me.
A.  We do our best to help customers.  We try to get you the very best contractor or service pro for whatever home improvement project you need, large or small.  It goes anything from a handyman to take care of your list of small projects, or we can get you a general contractor, architect, inspector, maid service, landscaper, roofer, window company, brick layer, plumber, pest control, etc.  Just remember we don’t send out just any contractor or service pro, rather we select the very best trusted businesses that are reputable, insured and licensed if required by the State of SC.  You get a no hassle, no problem, professional experience.


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