Realtors Discover How to Improve Business.

As a realtor you know how difficult the business can be.  You can feel overwhelmed with the long hours and hundreds of details you face everyday.  Fulfilling the income and lifestyle you want is buried under a pile of ‘tasks to be managed’.

Contractor Butler is a handyman and contractor service with emphasis on customer service.  “Realtors Butler”.

  • Free your time. One call, one service for fast timely quotes, home repairs and updates. We handle every detail with your client to get a home ready for sale, or ready to live in.

  •  Sell listings faster at top dollar. 
     Because home projects and repairs are done fast with our “No Worry 1 Year Guarantee”.

  • Get more listings. 
  Introducing your business as inclusive with Contractor Butler home services, is your advantage.
   Plus we offer your clients smart alternatives to move projects forward with easy to manage financial solutions.

Partnering with Contractor Butler offers you several key benefits.

  1. All our contractors are verified licensed and insured.  So you, or your client dont’ have to worry about those issues.
  2. You no longer need to chase and coordinate contractors.  You simply call Contractor Butler and we handle it no matter how small or complex the project.
  3. You focus your time on building your business, not on contractor matters, getting a home inspector, fixing 1001 different items before open house, getting estimates for home owners, etc.
  4. Your listings can sell faster, and bring higher values… helping your bottom line.


ATTENTION: One important change in South Carolina and other States is that Contractors and Service Professionals must be Licensed (if required by the state) and Insured.  

This new regulation is (always has been) controversial with contractors, but it’s the right thing to do regardless of which side you take.  From your view, and your clients view, using only licensed and insured contractors is smart, because it significantly reduced the risk associated when things go wrong… and eventually they do.

Though un-official, our personal experience with hundreds of local contractors leads us to estimate that only about 15% to 20% of contractors hold active license (if required by the state) and fully insured, and pay workers compensation on it’s employees.

Many states have required contractors be insured and licensed for years, and often conduct ‘stings’ with steep fines and even jail time.  South Carolina has until now been less of a pre-emptive  enforcement agency, and more about ‘investigating customer complaints’.

So How Do You Use Contractor Butler?

We make it easy.

1. Register FREE on  (Link coming soon.) You will be given an account which mostly puts you in our data base.  Once in our data base we can manage your requests and services we provide you and your clients.

2. When you need services, either call us, or use our website or an email to send us a request for service.  Request could be anything from arranging for a home inspector to inspect a property, to a list of repairs needed, or installing a new roof or flooring, remodeling a bath, getting carpets cleaned, etc.  Of course no work proceeds without a written estimate and approval.

If your client requires more than one quote – we make it so.  And they can of course meet our representatives and the contractors.

3. Once work is complete and approved, we generate the invoice.

Questions and Answers

Q. What happens if the work is not acceptable?
A. Contractor Butler employs our own General Contractors and Technicians.  We dispatch as needed to make assessments, recommendations when the site contractor or service pro has not responded to the problem to the customers satisfaction.

Q. Can I get project estimates?
A.   Contractor Butler can dispatch one of our General Contractors or Technicians to assess the scope of work and generate a ‘cost estimate’ based on cost averages for the local area and scope of work.  It will give the homeowner an excellent guide to make repair and improvement decisions.

Q. Can I use my own contractors?
A. Yes.

Q. How Does Contractor Butler Get Paid.
A. Contractor Butler members pay marketing fees to be a member.  Because we reduce their normal cost of ‘customer acquisition’ their normal rates or fees for contracting or service delivery remain the same.

Q. Can my clients use Contractor Butler directly?
A. Yes.  In fact we, and you want them too.  Using Contractor Butler is like having a concierge service for home improvement – FREE.

Q. Is work Guaranteed?
A. Yes.  Every member contractor or service pro is required to have a written guarantee, and to make good on it as needed.


Try Contactor Butler Now.  It’s Free, easy to do, and helps you grow your business.

Send us an email to

Or call us at 888-855-2203 and tell us you want to Join our Realtor Partnership. 







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