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Discover why we are trusted with over 7,000,000 sqft

of commercial carpet cleaning for clients.

Healthy Clean Carpet Cleaning
You may be looking for professional commercial carpet cleaning service to clean your commercial carpets right now because your facility or business has stained dirty carpets.  Or perhaps you were not impressed with the carpet clean results from your last carpet cleaner and are want to find a better carpet cleaning service that will solve your dirty commercial carpet problems.

“We Are That Good” because…

  • Your carpets will be the cleanest ever.  Our Process is 42% better at eliminating spots, stains and dirt resulting in beautiful clean carpet.

  • Your carpets will stay cleaner to 50% longer.  Our unique technology is ASTM tested to help your keep your business or office carpet clean longer with zero residue.

  • You get premium carpet cleaning services, that save you money.  Our premium commercial carpet cleaning service delivers guaranteed results you will love, and because your carpets stay cleaner longer you save more money.

Only Healthy Clean USA is Capable of Giving You Premium Carpet Care for Less than You May Think.

In 2005 we discovered a new carpet cleaning process specifically designed for cleaning commercial office and business carpets and rugs.  We sold our ‘hot water extraction’ carpet cleaning trucks because this new method offers a superior process to removes even stubborn filth and stains from your carpet, and has been used to safely remove dried latex paint, duct tape residue and even wax.   You, will be amazed at how good we can make your carpets look.

Healthy Clean USA knows how to clean carpets better and eliminate your carpet cleaning problems…
You get our experience to help provide you with carpet cleaning solutions that you may be concerned about.  Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we know how to clean carpet in mega structures, multi-story buildings, large campuses, hotels, banks, tight schedules, emergencies, quiet areas, security protocol, disaster and restorative carpet cleaning, and any building with commercial carpets.  Smaller facilities can be handled quickly and quietly even when in use or during hours with minimal disruption when cleaning carpets.  As for results… we guarantee our results so you will not be disappointed.

  • Healthy Clean USA Specializes in Commercial Carpet Cleaning.
    Since 2005 businesses and offices have trusted us with millions of feet of commercial carpet cleaning in Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina.


  • Get Cleaner Carpet that Stays Cleaner Longer Healthy Clean Carpet Clean Shield
    Our technology gets carpet clean better. Removes even the worst carpet dirt, spots and stains, and is proven by ASTM to keep carpets cleaner to 27% 50% longer.


  • Our Process is approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.
    Knowing any carpet cleaning process is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute means you don’t have to worry about carpet damage or problems due to inferior and unsafe cleaning methods.  Our professional carpet cleaning will never void your carpet warranty.


  • Get Our Certified Green Carpet Clean Because it Matters
    Our advanced process uses certified green chemistry, and uses 82% less water than other carpet cleaners and is both people and environmentally friendly.  This is often a hidden cost with other carpet cleaning methods that use your water resources, often using thousands of gallons of water on larger buildings that you pay the bill for.


  • Get Healthier Results
    Our process cleans and sanitizes your carpet safely with zero residue or toxic chemicals left behind on carpet fibers, so even children or pets on the carpet is are safe.


  • Our Service is Less Than You May Think!
    Another advantage to the Healthy Clean USA premium carpet cleaning process is that you get pricing that is less than you may think.  Combined with carpets that can stay cleaner longer – your real cost savings can be substantial.  You get an upfront price quote so you can decide for yourself.

What You Can Expect From Us

1. You get our written review of you commercial carpet cleaning requirements.  We will share with you helpful carpet clean solutions to save you money. 

2. You may watch us clean areas of your commercial carpet before you decide if you want to use Healthy Clean USA to get your carpet clean.

3. You will get clear upfront price from us to get your carpet clean, pricing that is less than you may think.

4. You decide with no pressure or gimmicks when you are ready for clean carpet from us.  People matter too, and it’s how we do things.

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Healthy Clean Carpet Cleaning


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Our Customers Say...

Everyone thought we finally got our carpet replaced last night. They could not believe it when I told them it was only cleaned.

- BBT Greenville, SC

We were told that area could not be cleaned and would need to replace it. So I'm surprised to see how good it looks now. (After we cleaned it).

- Office Building in Greenville, SC

Thanks for getting us back into business so fast. Our carpets look better than before the disaster.

- Bank of America - Florida

I'm impressed with how well you can get the stains out of our school rugs, they look great.

RWOC - Greenville, SC

I'm glad to see our brand new carpets look like they are supposed to again. I learned my lesson about hiring the wrong carpet cleaner.

YMCA - Augusta, GA

It is obvious your crew went above what was expected and it really showed. I appreciated the walk thru after the cleaning. I also appreciate that the system you use is not rough on the carpet, with the use of less water it lowers the chance of possible mold after the cleaning, and it is safe for children. I would recommend Healthy Clean to anyone in need of having their carpets cleaned.

Terry - Facility Maintenance

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