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You may feel like 72% of people surveyed by a recent Gallop Poll, who said it was too difficult to find a trusted contractor.   Contractor Butler wants to change that!

The home contracting industry has never had a stellar reputation, and everyone has felt the frustration of dealing with contractors and home service pro’s.

All kinds of things flutter through our minds.  Who to call?… can they be trusted?… is their work good?… are they going to charge me too much?… are they going to return my call?… are they going to show up?… will I be safe?… what if they make a mess of my home?… what do they look like? … are they nice people?… and much more.

Contractor Butler wants to eliminate all the worry, the hassles and problems of getting home repairs and improvement done.   Here is how it works:

1. You contact us with your home improvement, service or repair request.  Pretty easy so far.home improvement contractor easy

2. We promptly take your call, or call you as requested.  We enter some basic information about you and your property, and location.  Not so bad right? Only need to do this once.

3. Once we know what you want, we get into action getting our handyman pro’s or specialty contractors on your project.  No job is too small or large.

4. Once the work is done, and you approve it, you pay our handyman, or Contractor Butler by phone.  You can pay by check, cash or credit card.  Easy enough right?

All the while, we are available to help you throughout the project, and after the project.  Got a concern, questions, a problem, don’t like the contractor? Just call us!  We will arrange for what whatever you need just like that.



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Free No Hassle Service | 100% Worry Free Guarantee on Every Project
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Your information is private and safe with us. We’ve been serving Upstate SC since 2006!

Please expect a call from Contractor Butler within 30 minutes if completing the form.

To talk with a helpful service rep now contact us at 864-735-7761 or 888-855-2203.

Here are some Answers to Your Questions.

Q. Who is actually doing the work?
A. It depends.  Contractor Butler employs our own handyman pro’s and partner service to ensure you get the right expertise on your project.   Either way you get a licensed (if require by the State) and insured professional contractor that is going to give you quality service and a no hassle no worry experience.

Q. Who do I pay?
A. You will always pay our handyman pro’s, our project butler, or Contractor Butler directly.

Q. What if things go bad with the contractor?
A. Call us without hesitation! and we will respond quickly to make things 100% right.  We know we sometimes fall short, but we are 100% committed to doing the right thing for our customers.  In some cases if appropriate, we will send our General Contractor out to review the problem and assist.

Q. Can Contractor Butler help me with my other properties or commercial property?
A. We focus on home improvement and repairs, but we also serve many home owners who have multiple properties, or own commercial properties.

Q. My company needs maintenance and repairs on our facilities, can we use Contractor Butler?
A. Yes. We can provide most any service or contractor for your facility requirements.  Call us at 864-735-7761 and we will meet you to create the service exactly as your company needs.

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