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Get More Referred Customers Expecting a Call From You.

  • There is a huge opportunity for service and sales focused home improvement contractors and services.  Imagine what you could do with exclusive qualified referral type leads that are expecting an immediate call from you.

  • And how much better is it when you get an exclusive territory for the services you offer (called an exclusive seat).  

  • And imagine how smart it is paying only for the jobs you land, or a flat monthly fee if it works better for you.

Today home owners are busy, want a great experience with no hassles, no worries, no problems.  When you can consistently be that contractor, you can succeed on a new level.  This level of service is what Contractor Butler offers customers, and if you qualify can join us in an exceptional level of service delivery.  We know… Customers that will not only welcome you, but are looking for you, and are highly motivated to refer you!

A research fact for our targeted customer base states…

“96% of this customer type chooses services based on referrals from family and friends”

Join our network of Preferred Contractors and let us help you succeed.

We do the marketing, we greet the customer, we establish trust, gather information, and more… YOU GET THE JOBS!

  • Get more jobs from qualified and verified solid referrals that are ready “NOW”.
    Contractor Butler does all the marketing, phone work, and information gathering.
  • Earn higher margins on your services.
    Research has made it clear home improvement customers are willing to spend more to get ‘high level service’.  
  • Gain more credibility by being a ‘Preferred” Contractor Butler Supplier, Contractor or Service.
    We promote our services with thousands of dollars of marketing investments.
  • Get access to our online tools for marketing and sales training, and exclusive promotions that get you more business opportunities.
    We don’t just want you to succeed with clients, we require it!   We help you learn how.
  • Referrals are still the most powerful way to grow your business and keep customer acquisition costs low.  Your contractor or home service business can join our highly effective marketing systems that your and your technicians will love.  A proven concept that customers and your business will appreciate.



As a home improvement contractor or service pro, you know how more than anything else, getting more job opportunities is key to your success.  Competition can be tough and customers can be fickle, if not downright difficult.  More job opportunities means you can focus more on ideal customers,  get a more reliable and steady flow of work, or get more aggressive about reaching bigger dreams.

Contractor Butler is offering a limited number of local contractors and service pro’s an opportunity to join our network.  We have learned that we must carefully select professionals who understand the value of customer service, responsiveness and success qualities that must be on every job.  Why?  Because we know what customers want…. and it’s exactly what we promise them.  Our marketing is going to establish expectations in the mind of customers, reflective of exactly what they want.  If any of our referred contractors fail, it’s not only you who is going to fail, so will Contractor Butler fail.

Of course we know it’s really not that hard to get it right.  And the benefits of being one of our selected professional contractors is magnified on several levels.  It’s not only more job opportunities, it’s pride, reputation, common purpose and success as a larger network of contractors.

How we create more job opportunities for our member contractors.
  1. Television Commercials that promote our ‘Preferred Contractors’ and Partners.

  2. Top level website that includes your video profile page.

  3. Red ArrowExclusive marketing concepts that are proven to produce more customers, and more profits through on site referrals.

  4. Direct mail marketing reaching high quality targeted local customers.

  5. Ads in key publications devoted to creating leads.

  6. Community events and sponsorships that are fun and engaging with new customers.

  7. Partnering with local suppliers and organizations to create referrals and awareness.

Contractor Questions Answered!

What’s It Cost?
If Contractor Butler is costing you more money than it creates for you – then you should run.   IF you currently track your existing cost to acquire a customer, then you know you are already paying on average $200 to $350 or more for each new customer – depending on what your trade is.

Choose 1 of 2 membership options.  No long contracts. Stop participation anytime you like.

1.  Pay 5% to 10% of each job we refer to you that you successfully land.  This is a great way to see if it’s going to work for you. * This ‘pay as you go’ option requires we keep a credit card on file.  No charges will be applied to the card unless you fail to pay for jobs completed that were generated from Contractor Butler.

2. Pay a flat monthy fee of $495.00.  This is the way to go when option 1. would cost you more than the flat fee option.

One of these options should work for you handsomely.  We’ve been doing it for years with local contractors through our informal network and everyone wins.

 Testimonial from Ben Crumley of Apex Roofing

When Now is the Best Time For More Business? 

Let’s Talk.  888-855-2203 or 864-735-Pro1 and ask for Dave or Josh.

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ATTENTION:  Contractor Butler of Greenville Spartanburg Anderson currently has referral opportunities as listed below.


Open Seats Currently Filled/Open for Upstate SC


  •  Appraiser Open Open Open
    Open Open Open
    Carpet and Floor Cleaner Filled Open Open
    Clean Outs and Junk Removal Filled Open Open
    Maid Service Open Open Open
    Pressure Washing Open Open Open
    Window Cleaning Open Open Open
    Deck and Patios Open Open Open
    Disaster Restoration Filled Open Open
    Electrical Filled Filled Filled
    Exteriors Open Open Open
    Fencing & Gates Open Open Open
    Flooring Filled Filled Filled
    Handyman Filled Filled Open
    Heating and Air Filled Filled Filled
    Home Inspection Open Open Open
    Lawn and Landscaping Open Open Open
    Moving and Storage Open Open Open
    Painting Open Open Open
    Pest Control Filled
    Plumbing Open Open Open
    Refrigeration Filled Open Open
    Remodeling & Renovations Open Open Open
    Roofing Filled Filled Filled
    Security Open Open Open
    Tree Services Open Open Open
    Windows and Doors Open

Note: Call/contact us if you trade or service is not listed.

If any category is already full, and you qualify we can put you on our ‘back-up’ list.

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