Carpet Cleaning. What Should You Pay?

Carpet Cleaning. Many people want their carpets professionally cleaned, but they also want a good deal that will not cost them too much money.  In this article lets look at carpet cleaning services, your carpet cleaning wishes, and the reality of professional carpet cleaning costs.  You should get a better idea of what you want to pay to have your carpets cleaned next time.


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So your home has carpet, and it’s dirty, or smelly, or just needs to be cleaned.  Before you start calling a whole bunch of carpet cleaning companies, or start looking online for carpet cleaning deals, you would really like to know what you should be paying to get your carpets cleaned professionally.

1.  First, you must face the reality that you are purchasing from a person who will try to clean your carpets for a fee.  You are not purchasing clean carpets.  Indeed you may get clean carpets, or you may get cleaner carpets, but do not believe that every carpet cleaning ‘cleans carpet equally’.  Nor should you forget about getting carpet cleaners that are more interested in cleaning your wallet, or purse, than your carpets.

When you choose a carpet cleaning service, choosing someone with reputation and professionalism is more important than the cheapest.   Too many times the cheapest person is going to deliver a cheap clean.  Really you should be aware that really cheap prices are often just a ‘bait and switch’ tactic to get in your home, then start up-selling you on everything from ‘oh, if you want clean carpet you need to buy detergent, oh if you want that stain to go away, that cost extra, etc.

2.  Second, what are your expectations?   If your carpet has had 7 years of abuse from dogs, cats, baseball teams, parties, food fights, and more… do you really expect a carpet cleaner to give you a ‘deal’?  Fact is it is going to take them more time to get your carpets clean, than if your carpets are not filthy trashed.  So you may want to adjust your expectations based on how dirty your carpets are, how much furniture they may need to move around, and other factors.

3. Those ‘price per room’ deals?  Yes that seems to be the way most people get excited and make a call.  That’s fine, just make sure you ask all the questions you want about what they are going to do, how they will do it, and what the costs really cover.  Read the fine print is smart.   Ask about their guarantee, and what if you are not happy with the result?carpet cleaning costs

4. The Costs.   Carpet cleaners are notorious for trying to ‘look’ like they are the cheapest, because they know you want a deal.  In the end however according to surveys, the average price per sq.ft of carpet cleaning in a home is about 24 cents.  But it does vary wildly, from 15 cents a sqft, up to even 50 cents a sqft.  And it depends on which part of the US you live in.

5. The true professional carpet cleaner is not out to empty your pocket book.  They want you to be happy with both your clean carpet, their service and the cost so you will refer them to your neighbors and friends.  This may be the main thing to look for when you are deciding on a carpet cleaner, so you will not have to worry about paying too much, or too little.

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