Plumber Repairs. The Lazy Man’s Way

Plumber Repairs. If you’re not exactly a home improvement guru and your plumbing knowledge is limited to a bottle of ‘Liquid Plumber’ then here are some tips and tricks that you may use to speed up the learning process so that you can take care of tiresome and annoying plumbing repairs around your home.


Use the Internet to Find Easy, Step-by-step Instructions

Today, information moves pretty fast, and the Internet is really the lazy man’s best guide to fixing plumbing fast. In the old days, you would have had to spend countless hours reading books, manuals and other resource materials to learn the fundamentals. These days, it’s never been easier to get step-by-step plumbing instructions, just by clicking a computer mouse or turning on your iPhone.

The Ultimate Lazy Way to Plumbing Repairs.
If you’re not Internet-savvy, or you are plumbing phobic, the best strategy is to pay someone to do the dirty work for you; asking a handy friend to help will also be a great idea. Do all that you can to get out of making repairs, and then sit back and relax while others toil on your behalf! Crack a cold one, offer a beer to your buddy, and then offer moral support to your friend while he (or she) fixes your issue.  Considering the damage that can be done if you try to become Mr. Plumber, you might just understand why it’s money well spent.

If this is not an option for you, it may be time to visit the bookstore or library to get a “Plumbing for Dummies” manual that will map out basic, everyday repairs or other more specialized jobs. Look for the simplest book that you can find; avoid dense text that seems to go on forever. Picture-style books with concise captions that tell you exactly what to do will be ideal.
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Get Vital Information at the Local Hardware Store.
Lastly, use the acumen of local hardware store staff or plumbing store employees to gain vital knowledge that you can use to make your own plumbing repairs. These experts will know what tools you need, which replacement parts are best, and exactly how you should proceed. Just by having a little chat with these staff members, you’ll get a crash course in plumbing repair without going to a lot of fuss. A bonus of this approach is that staff may help you to gather the tools and accessories that you need.

Now that you know how to minimize work and enjoy the “lazy man’s plumbing experience”, you’re primed to get repairs finished and then get on with your life.  Most men don’t really enjoy fixing clogged toilets or other nasty plumbing issues, no matter how hard they try to pretend that they do – right?

If you’re lazy and you’re proud of it, use our plumbing tips and tricks to make it all easier. While you may need to get down and dirty to fix a plumbing issue, our suggestions will ensure that the whole process is as quick as painless as it can possibly be.


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