Exterior house painting in Greenville, SC

Exterior house painting is not generally a good idea for the time starved or under skilled person who wants a good job done.

It will take you several days or even several weeks to paint your home’s exterior depending on how much time you can spend on it. Beforehand, you need to wash the exterior of your home and remove dirt and old chipped paint with a pressure washer. Exterior house painting requires caulk of all crevices or holes, and use masking tape to protect window and door trim from paint.

If your home was built prior to 1978, you may be dealing with lead paint. In 2008, the EPA issued the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule requiring any firm taking part in a renovation project, to be EPA certified in lead safety. As a homeowner, you are not legally bound by this, yet you must protect yourself and those living in your home. Lead paint dust stirred up in renovation can infect a person when inhaled. Wear a protective mask while working and keep loved ones and pets away from the area.

Painting Tools
Choose a primer and paint based on the raw surface of the home. Do not skip the primer! It adheres to your home’s raw surface and prepares it for the main coat of paint. Choose a water-based paint or an oil-based paint. Water-based paint is more versatile, and holds up better against the elements while oil-based paint is odorous and not as durable. A roller or a sprayer spreads paint over large surfaces more effectively than a brush. Paint sprayers are easy to use and can cut your painting time in half because they distribute paint evenly and quickly.


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After painting, properly clean your tools and the area where you were working. Remove masking tape from windows and door frames, and scrape paint off windows. Clean brushes, dispose of the rollers, and clean roller trays and other tools; dry completely before storing. Fold drop cloths and store for future use.
exterior house painting in Greenville, SC
DIY Costs to Paint
You have a time and effort “cost” estimate; now let’s examine the cost of supplies. This example considers a 3,000 square foot home requiring at least 15 gallons of paint:

Premium exterior paint (1 gallon) – $50-$100
Rental: Pressure washer – $50-$100/day
Rental: Extension ladder – $20-$75/day
Rental: Power paint sprayer – $50-$100/day
Other accessories – $100
*Not included is repairs for surfaces as needed

Total cost (1 day of rentals plus cost of premium paint):  $1,875

There is a great advantage to hiring a contractor rather than doing the work yourself. You will not only be saving yourself a lot of work, but a lot of aggravation. Contractors are licensed, insured, versed in safety, and will have their own materials.  And if you have ever paid attention, professional painters do a clean neat and high quality job.

There is a financial savings as well. A contractor will charge $1,500-$3,000 to paint an average, single-story home, including any finishing touches: trim, accent pieces, and painting the door to match the new color, in addition to the overall paint job. Get estimates and references from several painters. Ask for proof of a state license and insurance. Pay a deposit up front, and only pay in full when you are satisfied with the job well done.


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