Roof Repair Greenville Insurance Claims Advice Video

Roof Repair needed from storm or hail damage?  Think you may have roof damage? This video explains how you should approach roof repair, replacement and insurance claims the right way.

Hail or storm damage to a roof can be confusing and full of potential pitfalls that will only cost you frustration and money if not handled properly. Get the expert advice you need to make the right roof repair decisions before making that call to your insurance company or local Greenville roofer.

Roofers in Greenville Spartanburg SC know your roof is subject to many types of harsh weather. If you believe roof repair is needed due to roof damage from storm, wind, hail, or other, then follow the expert advice here.

1. Find out if you have roof damage first. Contact a reputable local roofing company to inspect your roof for damage and the scope of roof repair needed. A reputable roofer will offer this roof inspection for free. Finding the right roofing contractor is just as important as replacing your roof so prepare to spend a little time to research and make a few calls. Tips include getting a referral from a neighbor or friend who may have recently had their roof repaired or replaced. Contact the Better Business Bureau for contractor ratings or complaints. Research roofing companies and make sure they are actually a local company with a physical address. Call the roofing company and ask questions about their certifications, how they process insurance claims and anything else on your mind. Pay attention to professionalism, prompt reply to calls, being put off, not showing up for appointments, not being knowledgeable, a written guarantee, etc. as a clear indicator of if you really want to work the company.

2. Before you call you insurance company. Calling your insurance company about a damaged roof will create a ‘claim under your name’, and may cause your insurance rate to increase. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your insurance policy first and feel the estimated cost of roof repair justifies making the claim with your insurance company.

3. Assuming the insurance company agrees to repair or replace your roof, your only costs should be your deductible, and any upgrades or add-on services you request from the contractor replacing your roof.

4. Understand that insurance companies generally replace your roof with a similar grade of roofing materials

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that was already installed. So if you have a three tab shingle now, the insurance company will replace it with a new three tab shingle. If your roof has an architectural shingle, they will replace it with a new architectural shingle of similar quality.

5. There are many different roof shingle manufacturers such as Certain-teed or Tamko. Your roof contractor should have sample boards to help explain the differences in look and quality, as well as information about the shingles warranty.

6. Contractors Paperwork. Different contractors handle the claims paperwork differently. One method is based on contingency. Contingency means you have called your roofer out and they inspected your roof, and before you call your insurance company the roofer has you sign a ‘contingency agreement’ which means you have agreed to allow that roofing company do the work if the insurance company agrees to pay your claim.

It’s advisable to NOT sign anything with any contractor until you know your insurance company is going to pay the claim, and you are absolutely convinced that you want to complete the project now, and are ready to work with the roof contractor of your choice. In some cases the insurance company can also refer reputable local roofing companies to you, just ask.

7. The final step is to actually review and sign a contract or agreement with roof contractor of choice. Make sure you have a line item list of work and products that will be used on your project, and go over each item before signing. Make sure you know which items your insurance company will pay for, and anything you will be required to pay for out of pocket. Also, make sure you know the contractors guarantee on their work, and when they expect to have the project completed. Like any contract, be wise and be careful.


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