Carpet Cleaner Professional or Do It Yourself?

Carpet Cleaner or Do it yourself?  It’s a dirty job we would all rather not do.  However it’s part of keeping our home beautiful and clean, and helps us to feel good about living in our home and having guest over without embarrassing spots and stains.  

So you probably know the routine of deciding if you want to try to clean your homes carpet yourself, or to call a professional carpet cleaner.   Here we will help you decide which is best for you, depending on factors that most of us face when making this decision.

1.  Carpet cleaner service is important to keep you carpets beautiful, ensure they last a long time, and to keep your indoor air quality healthy.   The main thing you should do to keep you carpets clean is to vacuum frequently.  Frequent vacuuming with a quality vacuum is your first best and easiest way to keep your carpets clean, healthy and absent of dirt and grit that will cause your carpets to wear out faster than they have too.

2.  Because dirty carpets are mostly made of of about 80% dry soil, your vacuum will actually be good at getting your carpets clean 80% of the way.  It’s the other 20% of sticky soil that is causing it to look dingy, dirty, traffic lanes, covered with spots and stains.  So consider the following basics to decide if you should clean carpets yourself, or have a professional carpet cleaning company do the job.

DIY:  If you don’t vacuum frequently, your carpet is likely full of dry dirt.  Doing a thorough vacuum yourself might get your carpets back to an acceptable clean.

DIY: If your carpet looks pretty good, with just a few spots and stains that need attention, then you may be able to tackle cleaning the carpet of spots and stains with basic cleaners and a clean white terry towel.   Most carpet stains and spots just need some attention to remove them.  Make sure you have vacuumed well before you start.

DIY: If your carpet is only slightly dirty with no dirty traffic lanes, you may find that renting a carpet cleaning machine can clean adequately.  But the downside is that you have to rent the machine, do all the work, buy detergents, and it still may not do a good job.  Plus it can also cause more problems if you use too much water, or detergent and do not spend enough time to extract the carpet of water and detergent, causing mold and leaving carpets sticky with un-rinsed detergent.  You don’t want mold in your carpet because it can ruin your carpet and cause bad smells and health problems.  You also don’t want your carpet to attract soil and get dirty faster because you did not get in ‘really clean’.carpet cleaner

Pro: If you are busy and really don’t have time to vacuum frequently you should consider a professional carpet cleaner.  They will be able to remove the dirt laden in your carpets as well as the spots and stains – so you don’t have too.

Pro: If you believe your carpet do seem to soil quickly, or can see traffic lanes that are dirty, you should plan to use a professional.  They should be able to use the right carpet cleansing agents to get even the dirtiest carpets clean, without leaving detergents or other chemicals in the carpet that might cause your carpets to capture sticky dirt.  The result being carpets that will stay cleaner a little longer.

Of course using a professional carpet cleaner may seem like it would cost you more than doing it yourself, but in reality it is  costing you more in the long run- not to use a professional carpet cleaner.  Your carpet is a major investment in your home, and premature replacement is costly.  Professional cleaning of carpets is really a good investment that caters to your busy lifestyle and is a good investment in your home.   Like a car – it’s even a good idea to keep receipts of your carpet cleaning invoices to make available to any future home buyers, as if they see you take of the carpets, they will know you also took care of the rest of the home too.

Fact:  Most people only have their carpets cleaned once every seven years. 

Fact: Most people replace their carpets every seven years.


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