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Contractor Butler was born in Greenville SC.  The story is really about three friends spent on dedication, hardwork and vision.   It all started in 2006  having regular breakfast discussions which evolved into focusing on a better way to help customers and contractors to find each other.

With some study it was realized that understanding customers views about home improvement and hiring contractors was key.  In fact 72% of people thing it’s too hard to find a TRUSTED contractor.  Not all contractors are bad, but the industry certainly does not have a steller reputation for trust and professionalism… and for good reason.  Basic problems like not retuning phone calls or not showing up, using vulgar language on the job, etc., or just being unprofessional, to just being scam artist or doing poor work is all part of what makes people not trust the contractor industry at large.  The top 18 categories fContractor Butler in  Greenville SCor customer complaints is… contractor related.

However helping contractors to adopt new thinking and successful habits was equally a challenge.   After much research and several attempts(over the next 4 years) to help both home improvement customers and contractors to find a better way to do business, we learned that some basic principles about the fact that people do business with people is what was missing.  And that in our fast paced mind numbing barrage of media and advertisements, when it comes to hiring a contractor we revert to referrals from friends and family.   But even then so many people yet go online to ‘see’ if they can find ‘a trusted contractor’.

A recent Gallop Poll indicates that 72% of people think it’s

too difficult to find a trusted contractor.

For those that do go online, it becomes apparent that it can be a huge waste of time to find a contractor – looking through websites that are full of hype that most people are smart enough to not believe.  We wanted to cut through this marketing noise and create a space where people could find not only a trusted contractor first – but also find a handyman service, contractor or service pro they felt comfortable and compatible with as a real person – the first element of trust.

You will find our site is full of home improvement video articles too.  These offer plenty of sound advice and how-to information for projects around your home or business.  Many by include a credible expert contractor, supplier or home service professional who can best show and tell you what you the most important things you might need to know.

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